Sabu Siyad

Sabu Siyad

Hey, I am Sabu Siyad, a professional software engineer.

Writing reliable, testable and useful code is where my passion lies. I love to build QOL tools. You can find some of them here. I used to be a freelancer, before becoming a full time employee at Logidots and Frappe.

At work, the main focus is on Python, TypeScript and Vue. In my hobby projects, I tend to use Rust, to learn it. I'm an advocate of typing and memory safety, hence I believe it is the right road to go forward.

Outside of programming, I enjoy reading, football and travelling. I occasionally take pictures and post them on Instagram.

If you're interested in music, check out my playlist. It might actually be an accurate description of myself than I could ever write.

This website is written in Vue, styled with Tailwind, built with Nuxt, and deployed with GitHub Pages. You can find the source here.