Why Hugo
5 May 2021

I’ve used Jekyll for a long time. But then I met hugo and fallen in love with it. Here’s why.

  1. Simple
    it’s easier to setup. You just have hugo new site and start writing in plain markdown. Simple as that. Hugo doesn’t bring that headache of having to learn new a completely new ecosystem. When I tried Jekyll, I had to use grunt to watch file changes. Hugo does it with --watch command.

  2. Fast
    Thanks to Go, hugo can generate pages in seconds. Even with --disableFastRender and --ignoreCache, it outperforms any other static site generators. Changes you make are almost instant, making you feel awesome.

  3. Templates
    One of hugo’s strength comes from it’s templates. It uses html/template and text/template by Go. These are used to generate code injection safe html docs. Most of the template variables are easily understandable and context aware, making them easier to use.

    {{ $title := print .Site.Title " | " .Title }}
    {{ if .IsHome }}{{ $title = .Site.Title }}{{ end }}
    <title>{{ $title }}</title>

    This sets page title depending on it’s type. Variables and conditionals are easier enough to get started.

That’s some of them, but there’s more. Be sure to check out Hugo Docs.