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-====== Sabu Siyad ====== 
-**Hello!, I'm a professional backend developer equipped with modern programming languages** 
-The desire to understand the actual working of anything and everything in front of me has always been the driving force behind me for a long time. It is also one of the reasons why I hold backend development very dear. While acknowledging the importance of every component involved, I greatly believe it is the engine that makes a difference. I have expertise in a variety of domains, from device drivers to web sockets. My tendency to embrace any work as my own is something I'm very proud of. It helps me offer my maximum always. 
-The challenge of managing cloud servers is a pleasure I enjoy very often. I have multiple servers deployed for various purposes. I often find myself fiddling with CI and CD in an attempt to improve deliveries. Minimizing downtime at critical times is my priority and I have great confidence in my abilities to maintain and overseer complex architectures. 
-One of my greatest strengths is to learn and adopt new things. I find myself very efficient with reading and understanding manuals and other kinds of documentation. Another one is adaptability which is something I'm very proud of. It gives me the power to solve any problem thrown at me, whatever its nature is. 
-My (hobby) projects are available on [[|GitHub]].